Glimpses - by Charlie Naebeck

Expat in Colombia
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Imagine that you wake up in the morning and open your eyes. You may see your ceiling, window, or alarm clock first.

You just witnessed an image embedded in your mind for the next 15 seconds.

You quickly roll back over after hitting the snooze button on your alarm
clock and drift back into a cozy slumber. Ten minutes later, your alarm goes
off again, and you awake.

The next thing that you see is your coffee pot as
you sleepily rub your eyes.

We capture these images in our mind's eye and are affectionately called "Glimpses."

In the "Glimpses" project, Charlie immersed himself in studying time and experience. What does it mean to live for the moment and experience the moment without pre-disposition?

Is it possible to not be pre-disposed to a moment? What is it like to react instead of pre-meditating an outcome simply?

Is it possible to live purely in a moment without the interference of the past or future?

And when is a moment without any other context or subjectification/objectification?

These questions are addressed in the debut book by professional photographer Charlie Naebeck where he presents student work that he photographed in Italy.

His goal: To inspire students that we all have a start as photographers.

"If I don't share my mistakes, I can't expect anyone else to share mistakes and learn also." --Charlie Naebeck

Details: 126 pages of black and white images.

Original hard copy available on Amazon and where books are sold.

  • A high quality PDF Ebook of 126 pages of black and white images by Charlie Naebeck.

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    126 pages
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  • A high quality PDF Ebook of 126 pages of black and white images by Charlie Naebeck.
  • Size17.4 MB
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Glimpses - by Charlie Naebeck

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