Kinetic - by Charlie Naebeck

Expat in Colombia

Artist Statement:

I became interested in the possibilities of kinetic movement through serendipity late one night when I was in Times Square in New York.

When it dawned on me, I was photographing behind-the-scenes images for my friend Jordan Matter for his Dancers After Dark book.

Jordan kept freezing the dancer's movements perfectly in each image.

At that moment, I paused and asked myself what that image would look like if captured in motion instead of frozen.

Shortly after that, in April 2016, I began researching and photographing movement in dance.

I contacted several dancers I had become friends with throughout shooting Dancers After Dark, and I began experimenting with long exposures, multiple exposures, gestures, and light painting.

My goal was to understand what movement could be translated to as a form of communication.

The result became the experience of what it means to visualize the movement of dance in a non-traditional space in an abstract form to capture a communication instead of the exact likeness of individuals and scenes.

I am not interested in simply making a photograph in my Kinetic series.

I am interested in creating an experience that I hope will transcend the paper on which the image is printed to inspire the next generations of photographers. Visualizing past what they see with their eyes and influencing popular culture is possible. The only limitations of creating a communication are that one puts themselves in the confines of their mind.

This all started as a dream for me, and I woke up with this book in my hands. I hope that you enjoy reliving my experiences.

  • A copy of Charlie Naebeck's Kinetic Ebook with high quality images of dance captured in motion.

  • Size
    40.5 MB
  • Length
    76 pages
  • Pages
  • Hard copy
  • Lessons on how to visualize
  • A copy of Charlie Naebeck's Kinetic Ebook with high quality images of dance captured in motion.
  • Size40.5 MB
  • Length76 pages
  • Pages$45
  • Hard copy$72
  • Lessons on how to visualizepriceless
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Kinetic - by Charlie Naebeck

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